Turkey Electronic Authorization

  1. Submit your Visa Application.
  2. Review your Appl​ic​ation and Confirm Payment.
  3. Receive your Turkey Visa via email.


Turkish eVisa is an Electronic Travel Authorization to enter Turkey. Turkey offers evisa for more than 120+ countries. Travelers can aply for evisa online and recieve electronic travel authrozation in PDF format. Upon arrival in Turkey travelers can show the printed copy of the visa letter and get their passport stamped. 

Turkish Goverment offers eVisa for Tourism & Business Purpose. The visa type, visa duration & number of entry depends on nationality of the applicants and cannot be changed.  Applicants are advised to obtain turkey evisa online before travelling to turkey. E-Visa process is completly online and no paperwork is required. Once Turkish e-visa is approved it will be sent via email. Applicants have to carry a printed copy of the approved e-visa letter and passport while travelling. Visa letter will be verified by Turkish officer at the airport and passport will be stamped.


Important : From June 2020 Turkey Govt has opened its broder for international tourism for all travellers for tourism & business purpose. Note - self-service e-Visa Kiosks and wifi areas in Turkish airports will be removed. Therefore, getting an eVisa on arrival will no longer be available and visitors to Turkey will have to apply in advance for eVisa.

Turkey eVisa Sample

 Important Informaton & Links

  • Once eVisa is approved, remember to verify all information. Information on the visa letter should match exactly as on the passport.
  • Carry a printed copy of the eVisa letter while travelling along with passport.
  • Passport should have 6 months validity form the date of arrival.
  • Entry before arrival date is not permitted however travelers can enter Trukey on any date during 180 Days Visa validity.

Helpful Links:

Republic of Turkey Govt Link

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