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Visa Policy & Fees

www.jsdimmigrations.com is a global visa consultancy agency. We provide visa services for more than 50+ countries. All our services are completely online and does not require customers to visit any govt embassy or consulate. Our services include, review of visa application by experienced visa consultants, correction of information before submitting application to the govt system, proper guidance throughout entire visa approval process, document support, etc. While the end decision of visa approval or rejection completely depends on respective country immigrations officers and our team has no authority to change the outcome of visa, our visa approval rate is 99% as we thoroughly check and verify each and every application before processing the same and submitting it govt portal and therefore we charge visa consultancy & processing fee to provide best services to our customers. The visa fee charged by Govt is different for each visa type and country of visa. The govt visa fee also changes as per the nationality of the visa seeker. Our service is over and above the govt charges.  

types Tourist Visa Business Visa transit visa medical visa
Our Service Fee $ 69 $ 69 $ 59 $49
Bank Charges $ 2 $ 2 ​$ 2 $ 2
Govt Fee As Per Govt ($0 to $ 100 ) ​As Per Govt ($0 to $ 200 ) ​As Per Govt ($0 to $ 100 ) As Per Govt ($0 to $ 200 )

Important Notice 

  • All prices are in United States Dollar (USD), please check currency converstion rate to get the exact payble amount in your respective currency.
  • Govt fee for each visa type or country of visa is different and will be added to total payment at the final payment page.
  • Govt visa fee also differs as per nationality for example the govt fee for Srilanka Tourist visa for Indian nationals is $ 49 while for US nationals is $60.
  • Our visa processing fee is over and above the govt fee.
  • Govt fee is non refundable. 
  • Once an application is processed we are unable to accept cancellation or refund request as our team pays the govt fee to process the visa. 
  • In case of any dispute, if approved by concerned team, our team can only accept refund request for our srevice fee. 
  •  e-VISA is an electronic travel authorisation and dose not require pre stamping on the passport . 
  •  Once e-Visa is granted/rejected, status will be delivered via email. 
  •  Visa will be delayed/rejected, in-case proper documents are not uploaded on time. 
  • Passport should have atleast six months of validity from the date of arrival in Australia . 
  • Passport should have atleast two blank pages. 
  • A full refund will be issued in case application is not processed, however a refund will be not processed in the following cases                                                                 
  • Cancellation of order once eVisa is application is processed.                                                                                                                                                              
  • Cancellatinon of order once eVisa is granted and delievered via email.                                                                                                                                         
  • Applicaiton is rejeced dut to reduantcy/dublicity of application                                                                                                                                                   
  • Application is rejected due to misrepresantation/incorrect infromation provided.                                                                                                                    
  • eVisa document are not uploaded on time.
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